About Ruralco


Ruralco (ASX:RHL) was originally incorporated in Queensland and in 1989 changed its name to Grow Force Australia Limited. Ruralco in its present form was created by the merger in 2001 of Grow Force Australia Limited and Ruralco Limited (previously CRT). Grow Force retained its ASX listing and changed its name to Ruralco Holdings Limited in 2002.

In 2006, Ruralco Holdings Limited merged with Roberts, a Tasmanian agricultural and real estate company established in 1865 and listed on the ASX in 1949. This merger created a new force in the agribusiness sector operating across Australia and brought together two organisations that shared a common focus of long-term benefits for their stakeholders.


How will we grow? By expanding the company’s geographical operating platform and partnering with quality regional businesses on a majority equity basis. Additional product and activity portfolios will be expanded throughout the operating platform.

Clients benefit from the group’s national buying power, competitive pricing, extensive range of products and services and the security that comes from dealing with a strong and progressive company.


Ruralco Holdings Limited is a leading Australian agribusiness with a market capitalisation approaching $300 million as at September 2015 and reported revenue for the twelve months to 30 September 2015 of almost $1.6 billion.

Ruralco has close to 50 specialist businesses operating across its network and a dedicated workforce of approximately 2,000 people (including full time, part time and casual).
Largely through strategic, majority owned ventures, Ruralco has established a strong business platform that caters to the diverse needs of rural and regional Australia.

Our focus is on ensuring our clients achieve their goals and we provide expertise in merchandise, fertiliser, wool, livestock, real estate, rural property, integrated water solutions, soft commodity risk management, grain, finance and insurance.

We have over 500 outlets across Australia and each of our business units operates under its own brand with its own culture, service model and unique value proposition. Our businesses are established local market leaders and their shared passion for supporting their clients and communities underscores what it means to belong to the Ruralco group.


Ruralco is committed to sustainable business practices that benefit the organisation, its people and stakeholders. It strives to be responsible and ethical in providing a safe and satisfying workplace for its people and will continue to pursue environmentally sustainable solutions that reduce its impact on the environment.

At the heart of Ruralco’s culture is a commitment to giving back to the communities in which it operates.
Corporately, Ruralco provides assistance to numerous charities and organisations across Australia and lends its support wherever it can to help those in need in times of crisis.

Ruralco has recently joined Lifeline as a corporate partner. This partnership aims to support the great work Lifeline does in crisis support, assisting those suffering with mental health issues and preventing suicide.

The support of Ruralco, its many partners and members can help Lifeline extend its reach throughout rural and remote areas of Australia and make a positive difference to the lives of many.