Our Strategy


  • Build on market leading position in water, the most fundamental farming input
  • Maximise market share along the entire protein supply chain
  • Step change in Financial Services, supporting our customers and the network
  • Strategic investments along the value chain to support the network offer

We plan to maximise our market share along the entire protein chain. We will look to do this by making investments that not only add value to our network but also the core of our customer base... the Australian farmer.

We also plan to build on our market leading position in water, the most fundamental of our farming inputs. Our aim is to look at new technology and wholesale opportunities and provide the Total Eden network with the tools to be at the forefront of water innovation.

The breadth and depth of our network leads us to believe that we need to be providing a fuller financial services offering to our customer base. We will be looking to make significant progress on this strategy under the leadership of newly appointed General Manager Financial Services, Ian Perry.
As we have done with our recent launch of our Relyon agricultural chemical brand, we will continue to look at other areas we can add value to the broad-based network we have built over recent years.


  • Grow the high yielding agency business through acquisition and recruitment
  • Leverage market leading water footprint as the industry consolidator
  • Fill remaining gaps in the retail network through greenfield sites, acquisition and growth in CRT membership

In 2015 we continued to make acquisitions to expand into the high yielding agency business through focused acquisitions and recruitment and we see this as a strong focus over the next 12 months.

We will explore opportunities to add to the Total Eden footprint by growing the number of retail outlets and transferring the Total Eden Services skill base to the Eastern States markets.

The acquisition of Mackay Rural Group is an example of how we intend to strategically build-out our regional presence to create a stronger and broader retail network.  This element of our strategy will remain a key focus along with always looking to grow and support the CRT membership through greenfield site expansion and acquisition. 


  • Embedding safety in everything we do
  • Our values drive a winning culture
  • Retaining, attracting and developing the best talent

We recognise that the foundation of this business is our people. Therefore investment in our people will continue to be a priority with ongoing focus on embedding safety in everything we do.

This year saw our new General Manager of People & Culture, Elizabeth Hardaker undertake an employee engagement survey to assess the level of engagement and alignment across the Group. The survey has helped us understand what we can do to build on our Ruralco culture. This in turn will ultimately support the success of the business through the retention and attraction of the best talent.


  • Scalable platform for growth achieving economies of scale through fit for purpose systems and processes
  • Valued business partner to the network

We continue to prioritise the development of our centralised back office functions by building a scalable platform for growth and thereby achieving economies of scale through fit for purpose systems and processes. This initiative will give our businesses the support they need to operate efficiently whilst also allowing them more time to focus on servicing their customer base. We have seen progress during the year through increased investment in centralised warehousing and logistics and further system integration across the business via our SAP rollout.

Ensuring we are a valued business partner to the network is a key focus of this strategy and continued investment in our back office will allow our businesses to respond to changing market conditions, build economies of scale and position us for further growth.