Roberts Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ruralco Holdings Limited, offers at call and term unsecured deposit notes at competitive rates.*

Interest is calculated on a daily basis and credited to your account on a quarterly basis.

You can either capitalise your interest  or have your funds electronically transferred to your bank account.

The benefits of depositing with Roberts Limited are:

• competitive rates
• wool, livestock and or grain proceeds can be transferred automatically to your on call account
• we will transfer funds on your request either by electronic transfer or by cheque, and
• there are no charges other than government duties.

Interest rates effective from 1 April 2014.

At Call* 0.20% p.a.
Fixed Term* $2,000-$24,999
3 months 2.80% p.a.
4 months 2.15% p.a.
6 months 2.85% p.a.
8 months 2.85% pa.a
12 months 2.80% p.a.
24 months 3.20% p.a.
36 months 3.50% p.a.

An unsecured deposit note of Roberts Limited is not a bank deposit. All investments involve risk and investors risk losing some or all of their principal investment. Roberts Limited's unsecured deposit notes do not have a credit rating by a recognised credit agency. This means no independent assessment has been made about the risk of loss to investors.

Roberts Limited issues unsecured deposit notes under Prospectus No.11 dated 22 March 2012 which expired on 28 February 2013 and was not renewed. Roberts Limited is no longer in a position to accept applications for unsecured deposit notes from new investors. Existing notes will continue unaffected and existing note holders will continue to be able to apply for "new" deposit notes.

* Unsecured notes are issued by Roberts Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ruralco Holdings