Innovation is integral to Ruralco’s Future Farming Strategy. We have focused on addressing the challenges of achieving reliable production while using less intensive, more efficient agricultural inputs. In this way, we will increase yields and add value to farm operations.

We are using our different channels to market with a national footprint of more than 500 locations to connect customers to the latest proven technology in agriculture. Our trusted professionals have relationships with customers that allow them to bring innovations to their attention, putting us in a strong position to lead the distribution of innovations to Australian farmers.

We have divided our approach to innovation into three main areas: digital transformation; agricultural technology (AgTech) distribution; and creation of an innovation culture to transform the way we do business.


We are leading our digital transformation with Program Elevate, comprising nine projects that will enable Ruralco’s growth aspirations and deliver digital transformation based on a reliable back office foundation integrated with a scalable e-commerce platform.


By embedding the innovation mindset in our culture we are encouraging our people to share innovative ideas and solutions and explore new methods of problem-solving. Ruralco recently launched the Ruralco Ideas Shed using Crowdicity, a crowdsourcing and idea management tool that provides a platform to capture employee ideas, filter the best and take them through an iterative process to determine their implementation potential.