Corporate Governance


We are committed to high standards of corporate governance and business conduct. Our governance framework supports effective and responsible decision making and we review our policies and processes regularly to ensure best practice.

Copies of some of our key governance documents, including Board and Committee charters and company policies, are available on this page.

Corporate Governance Statement

Ruralco’s Corporate Governance Statement and Appendix 4G outline our governance framework, policies and procedures in accordance with the 3rd Edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

Board and Board Committees

Director details can be found here.

The charters below set out the role and responsibilities for the Board and each of the 3 standing Board committees which have been formed to assist the Board in the discharge of its responsibilities.

Shareholder Communications and Continuous Disclosure

Ruralco is committed to open and timely communication with shareholders and other stakeholders. Our Disclosure and Communications Policy outlines measures in place to achieve this. Key shareholder communications include our Annual Report, Annual General Meeting and full-year and half-year financial results. Our website is also a key source of corporate and governance information.

Ruralco also ensures that it complies with its continuous disclosure obligations and releases price-sensitive information in a timely fashion to the ASX.

Acting Ethically and Responsibly

Ruralco is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in the conduct of its business activities. Our people are expected to have a personal commitment to meeting these standards which go beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations – they also embrace Ruralco’s core values.

Ruralco’s Code of Conduct and Directors Code of Conduct articulate Ruralco’s commitment to ethical and responsible business and provides clear conduct guidelines.

Ruralco’s Related Party and Conflicts of Interest Policy seeks to manage related party transactions and ensure that all actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest are identified and recorded and then avoided or managed, as appropriate.

Ruralco’s Whistleblowing Policy encourages individuals to raise concerns about illegal, improper and unethical conduct they observe by providing a secure means by which reports can be made, investigated and acted on and protection to individuals who make those reports. There are a number of ways our people and external partners can raise concerns, including the Compliance Reporting Hotline and HUB portal, both of which are hosted by an independent third party.

Risk management

Ruralco recognises that effective risk management is key to sound corporate governance.

Ruralco’s Risk Policy outlines the system of controls in place at Ruralco for identifying, managing and reporting risk.

Securities Dealing

Ruralco’s Securities Dealing Policy explains Ruralco’s policy and procedures for the buying and selling of securities to assist directors and employees.

Under this Policy, certain people are permitted to deal with Ruralco securities only within specified periods (provided they are not in the possession of materially price-sensitive information).

Diversity and Inclusion

Ruralco values diversity and aims to ensure that that all its people feel valued and respected. We recognise that a diverse workforce helps us to deliver business outcomes and strategic objectives and that leveraging diverse experiences, skill-sets and perspectives allows us to better serve our diverse customers and communities. This is reflected in our Diversity Policy.

Ruralco’s Workplace Gender Equality Report can be found here.


Ruralco’s Constitution is available here.

Other company policies

Privacy Policy

Collection Notice (App 5)

Credit Reporting Policy

Statement of Notifiable Matters

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy