Dividend Information

Dividend Calendar 2018

The proposed dates for the 2018 Final Dividend are:


Record Date for 2018 Preliminary Dividend

1 June 2018

DRP Election Date for 2018 Preliminary Dividend

4 June 2018


Record Date for 2018 Final Dividend

26 November 2018

DRP Election Date for 2018 Final Dividend

28 November 2018


Payment Date (and date of issue of DRP shares) for Year End 2018 Dividend

17 December 2018

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Ruralco operates a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) whereby eligible shareholders can reinvest either all or part of their dividend payments into additional fully paid Ruralco shares. For further information regarding the Ruralco DRP please see the plan rules below.

Included below is the form required to be completed and sent to Computershare instructing participation in or termination of the reinvestment of your cash dividends in the form of Ruralco shares.

A DRP instruction remains in place until the shareholder makes a variation or cancellation. If Ruralco decides to suspend or cancel the DRP all shareholders’ instructions would be suspended and in this instance we would communicate to all shareholders in writing.

DRP Participation/Termination Form

Dividend Reinvestment Plan Rules