Primaries staff jump on the rail

Paul Mahony (Livestock Manager), Damian Delaney (Livestock trainee Gingin), Brad Kammann (Livestock representative South West), Liam Want (Livestock trainee Esperance), Mark Boxall (Wool sales representative) at Muchea.

Recently, Primaries staff participated in the Australian Livestock and Property Agents Association (ALPA) Auctioneer School, held at Muchea north of Perth. Unlike the east coast, where these courses are run throughout the year, this event is only held once every several years in Western Australia as it is difficult to get the minimum of ten participants across all ages.

The 2019 event was initiated by Paul Mahony (Primaries livestock manager) and was attended by livestock staff Liam Want, Damian Delaney and Brad Kammann. Mark Boxall from the Primaries wool team also joined the two-day training program. A large part of the school is facilitated by a speech pathologist who focuses on the breathing techniques and voice characteristics required to be a good auctioneer.

All participants were up on the ‘rail’ for a number of attempts at selling and were provided with constructive feedback by ALPA staff (Andy Madigan and Rob Bolton) as well as experienced auctioneers from Primaries (Jay Macdonald), Elders and Landmark. Paul Mahony also ensured the event ran smoothly.